The Outer Banks Hardwood Floor Co.

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      The Outer Banks Hardwood Floor Co. is a professional, family owned and operated, hardwood flooring company specializing in installation, finishing, and refinishing of all different types of hardwoods. Whether a home owner, contractor, or business, we are dedicated to providing our clients with quality craftsmanship and a trustworthy relationship.  We believe wood flooring is an investment and treat every job as if it were our own home. The professional attitude of our staff ensures you will be more than satisfied from start to finish.                            
     Quality products are a major factor in how well your hardwood floor will appear and perform. From sanding discs to urethanes, the products used are proven to make your floor even and extremely durable everytime. We use a two part waterborne finish which is UV resistant and low on VOC emmissions. Yellowing of the finish is minimal and the natural colors of the hardwoods are preserved.  This product has quick dry times and is much more scratch resistant than traditional oil based finishes.
Our dust management systems ensure a clean and healthy environment for everyone involved. Powerful vacuums attach to all equipment which extracts dust from it’s source and contained outside the home.  No longer are the days of worrying about dust getting everywhere.

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